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Intention Retreat enters its 7th cycle

December 29 2005 to January 2 2006, Camp Elphinstone, BC

Intention is an annual family gathering that stems from a community of artists and dancers in the Lower Mainland. We hold workshops, discussions, film screenings, performances and celebrate the New Year with intentions shared. Shared meals and collaborative organisation help to deepen community and networks for artists in the Vancouver/Sunshine Coast area and beyond.

Registration for the retreat is now closed, but tickets for the New Years Eve party are still available.

More about this event

Begun pre-y2k as a tribal dance community response of unity in the face of the unknown future, the retreat continues to hold a space for us to reflect on where you are now and where you want to go empowered by collectivity and creativity. During this time we put our energies into one container to make manifest the world we want to live in. Expect workshops, presentations, performances, collaborations, dance labs, innovative yoga formats, meditation space, film screenings, lots of music and massive networking! And of course expect a New Years Eve celebration that brings in 2006 without the alchohol vibe and with lots of collective fuel for setting our intentions ablaze. The first night of 2006 will again feature a Temple night set to chill music perfect for entering the year with warm heartfuls of love.

In this event the production team does the bare skeleton work but everyone in attendance makes up the functioning limbs and sinews to make the event what it will be. With a goal of encompassing multiple generations of participants from infant to elderly it is encouraged that all people coming out consider who they would most love to share this experience with and how can the most bridging of the generation divide occur. Special attention is given to making this event accessible the young and the old as we consider what we can learn from both of these generations.