A co-created three day all-ages community camp-out, featuring 100+ workshops, two music stages, lots of good people (and so much more) taking place at Crystal Creek on Mount Elphinstone on the Sunshine Coast of BC from the evening of July 7th to the morning of July 10th.

Summer-Campers must provide all their own food, water, goodies, tents, costumes, kites, etc. (no dogs on-site, sorry!). A communal kitchen area is available where you can set up your camp stove and use the running water from the local creek to wash dishes—not safe to drink, ok for dishes.

The event is what we make it, and everyone is welcome. Each person who attends brings their skills and talents, and none of the performers, organizers or workshop leaders get paid. DJ, dance, decorate, work the gate, do some yoga, lead a workshop, skinny dip in the lake, whatever suits your fancy. Itís an incredible community-building event, and also a damn fine party, an opportunity to connect with like-minded people and dance in the great outdoors.

Tickets are $60 for the event, whether you're coming for one night or the whole weekend (come for the whole weekend!).  If you are rich in $$, please consider making a donation to the subsidy fund.  If you need one a partial subsidy in order to attend the event, email us here. Registration is limited—register online with the button below to make sure you get in. Payment is via PayPal (secure online credit card pay) or in cash at the gate if you need to. Online payment is a big help to us!

(for registration questions, click here)